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Commercial Backflow Testing & Installation

Superior Drain is your source for certified backflow testing, maintenance, and installation. We have the knowledge and skills to guarantee your building's backflow prevention assemblies and devices meet Ohio's health regulation laws. Whether your plumbing is due for an annual backflow testing, or you are currently experiencing backflow problems, Superior Drain is here to help.

Backflow prevention assembly

Backflow occurs when there is too high or too low pressure in your plumbing system, causing the water flow to reverse and the potable water in your building to become contaminated. Toxic chemicals, pesticides, or even human waste can enter your water due to backflow. All of these substances cause various levels of health risks, which is why it's important to have a professional plumber test your backflow prevention devices at least once a year.

In need of commercial plumbing services? To find out more about our backflow testing and installation capabilities, give Superior Drain a call or request an appointment. If you have a problem with your backflow that needs immediate care, we'll send someone over to take care of it right away.