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Floor Drain Clog & Repair Service

Call Superior Drain for floor drain clogs in installationsNot all floor drain clogs require a professional plumber. If it is a smaller drain, simply using a plunger may do the trick. Another option is using drain unclogging chemicals. However, these kinds of products should be used with caution, as they are highly corrosive and have the potential to actually harm your pipes.

If the drain opening is too large or plunging doesn't bring up the clog, which is a sign that the blockage is deeper in the pipe, a "plumber's snake" is necessary to unblock the drain. Plumber's snakes come in a variety of sizes and models, though each consists of a long cable that is fed through the drain by aid of a motor. Plumber's snakes, while highly effective, are often difficult to use correctly, which is why such a job is best left to a professional plumber.

Superior Drain has the tools and experience to quickly and efficiently clean floor drains of all sizes, shapes, and types. Our trained plumbing technicians are always courteous and responsible. For all your floor drain cleaning needs, schedule an appointment or call Superior Drain at (330) 733-3711. 

Thank you for coming to my house Saturday evening to fix our basement drain, and thank you for being done within an hour. Mr. J Kline was very friendly and efficient and we will be recommending your business to others. You totally saved the day! Thank you!

- Tina W., Barberton