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Outside Hose Faucet Repair & Replacement

hose faucet installation & repairA leaky hose faucet may not seem like a big problem, but even a steady drip can waste gallons of water over time, adding unnecessary dollars onto your water bill. A leaky faucet could be a sign that your garden hose needs replaced. However, if your hose is undamaged, or the problem occurs when no hose is connected, chances are you need a new faucet.

Frozen water causes damage to pipes, while old faucets may become corroded over time by the weather. For whatever reason your outside hose faucet needs replaced, Superior Drain is the place to call for Northeast Ohio residents. Our plumbers are experts who always behave professionally and courteously, providing you with only the best customer service.

With a well-stocked inventory of plumbing fixtures, including a selection of quality hose faucets, we'll be able to fix your leaky faucet problem immediately. Installing a new faucet is quick and easy when you choose Superior Drain professionals. Schedule an appointment today!

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