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Akron Ohio Sump Pump Maintenance


We all know how intense Northeastern Ohio storms can be and how they can cause major damage very quickly. In the case of major storm or flooding damage, a properly working and well-maintained sump pump can be a lifesaver. Usually located in a crawlspace or designated sump pit in the lowest part of your home, the sump pump prevents water from backing up into and flooding your basement. A properly working, unclogged sump pump collects water and pumps it away from your home to a safe place that no longer causes a problem for your home such as a municipal storm drain or well.

It’s important to make sure your sump pump is working properly to avoid your basement from flooding or to avoid moisture from inhibiting your basement, causing mold or mildew growth.

You should maintain your sump pump quarterly by checking for debris and maintenance needs. Here’s how to maintain your sump pump, extend its life and avoid flooding:

  • Check for clogs: Test your sump pump once a quarter by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit. If the pump doesn’t activate or drain quickly, it might be clogged. Check the inlet screen and check valves for clogs. Sometimes washing machine debris, dirt, gravel or sand will get caught in the pump, which you will need to remove manually. 
  • Consult your manual: Check the owner’s manual for how to disconnect the pump from the power source so you can remove additional debris. Your sump pump manual will give you the best instructions on cleaning it, taking it apart and other general care methods.
  • Schedule an inspection: If you don’t feel comfortable testing or removing debris from your sump pump, schedule an appointment for a sump pump checkup. We’ll check for clogs and make recommendations for maintaining and caring for your sump pump.
  • Check discharge location: Some areas have laws against sump pump drainage into municipal drains. If your sump pump drains into an illegal area, you need to make sure to reroute the water properly.
  • Clean sump pit: It’s just as important to make sure your sump pit is clean and free of debris as it is to make sure the pump itself isn’t clogged. Check for and clear out dirt, sand, gravel and washing machine debris from your sump pit.
  • Replace: Depending where you live in relation to a water table and how likely your house is to flood, you may have to replace your sump pump every 5-8 years, or you may never have to replace it at all. While your surrounding environment is a big factor in your sump pump’s quality of life, you can extend the life of your sump pump with regular maintenance and care.

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