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How do I fix hard water problems?


Let’s start with the basics. Do you have hard water? The best way to tell is to add soap to water and gauge the amount of suds produced. The more the soap suds up, the softer your water is. Soap in hard water barely suds up and leaves behind unwanted soap scum on dishes, cups, tubs and shower doors.

Hard water is caused by high mineral content—specifically calcium and magnesium sulfates—picked up from water pipes. Some homeowners have water softeners or reverse osmosis systems that soften their water by removing the minerals, but a lot of others simply live with hard water.

Problems Caused by Hard Water

From decreased efficiency to costly repairs and replacements, hard water gives homeowners headaches across Northeast Ohio. Let’s talk through them.

Lack of Soap Suds

Like we mentioned before, hard water creates soap scum instead of soap suds. The scum is unsightly, but there is a bigger problem here. The lack of suds requires you to use more soap when doing dishes, running the dishwasher, washing clothes and even taking a shower—causing you to spend more money on dish soap, detergent and body wash.

Mineral Buildup and Scaling

Remember those minerals we discussed earlier? Every time they pass through your plumbing fixtures and appliances they leave behind a little bit of buildup. After a few years, this becomes a problem. Things like dishwashers, hot water tanks and even toilets can be ruined by scaling and sediment from hard water. Before you know it, you’ll be replacing a four-year-old hot water heater that should’ve lasted for 10 years.


How to Fix Hard Water Problems

Don’t freak out if you have hard water. There are plenty of things you or a professional plumber can do to make sure your appliances are in top shape.

How You Can Help

There are things you can do around the house to mitigate hard water problems. For instance, draining your hot water tank can remove mineral deposits and sediment.

Removing soap scum from your dishes and dishwasher is easy. Just add vinegar! Running the dishwasher with vinegar will reinvigorate your glassware and keep your dishwasher in top shape.

Scrubbing your toilet regularly can keep it from getting unsightly rust stains and rings, but hard water will eventually win and you’ll need to replace your toilet.

How We Can Help

If you tried everything we mentioned above and your water fixtures still don’t work like they’re supposed to or you water pipes are continuously clogged, it’s time to call Superior Drain.

Our expert plumbers can come out and evaluate the damage hard water caused in your home. In some cases, we can replace components and give your appliances new life. If not, our team will determine the best solution for you, find you the best price on a new appliance and handle the installation. Schedule an appointment today to stop hard water problems in your home!

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