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Does Your Toilet Need a Jiggle to Stop Running?

Toilet Chain DiagramWhen you flush your toilet, do you have to jiggle the handle to get the running water to stop? Check out the simple tips below to fix this common problem in no time (no tools required)!

  • Long chain: The most common issue that causes running toilet water is a toilet chain that is too long. The toilet chain hangs from the toilet handle to the flapper valve, and if it’s too long, the chain can get caught under the flapper and prevent a good seal. As a result, the water constantly leaks out of the tank, and prevents the tank from filling up all the way. If this is the case, all you have to do is resize the chain so it is not long enough to get caught under the flapper.

  • Lever catching on another mechanism: It is common for a flush mechanism like the lever to get caught on another part in the toilet. Especially in toilets with a ball float, it is possible for the lever, chain or flapper to get caught on the ball float and cause running water. In these cases, all it takes is a slight bend in the ball arm, or turn of the adjustment screw to make your toilet operate smoothly again.

  • Worn out flapper: If the previous tips don’t fix the problem, the flapper valve itself may be worn out. This is also an easy repair, but it’s important that you purchase the correct replacement part. Contact Superior Drainage for help selecting and installing your new flapper, to ensure a quick and easy repair.

Chances are, if you are jiggling your toilet handle to get the running water to stop, there is an easy fix. For help with your toilet repair and other plumbing needs in Northeast Ohio, contact Superior Drainage today