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Frozen Water Lines

Call superior drain for frozen water line and pipe repairNortheast Ohio winters can be brutally cold, with temperatures dipping well below freezing for weeks or months at a time. With these weather conditions, the threat of frozen drains or burst pipes is a concern for many home and property owners in this area.

If frost appears on a visible water line, faucets won’t flow or toilets won't refill after flushing, there is a frozen drain pipe or ice has formed a plug preventing water from flowing through. Cracks may form as the ice expands, and when the ice does thaw, homeowners may find themselves with a mess as water bursts through the newly formed cracks.

Superior Drain offers service to the Akron area when burst or frozen drain pipes are a concern. Our experts can assist with thawing frozen drains or repairing burst pipes to help minimize damage to property. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to receive help from one of our friendly, professional and courteous plumbers.

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