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Vactor Truck for High Pressure Sewer Cleaning

Vactor TruckSanitary and well-maintained sewer lines are essential for clean water and healthy communities. That is why Superior Drain recently purchased a top of the line combination sewer cleaner for use in major municipal and construction applications.

Superior Drain’s new Vactor truck utilizes high-pressure water jetting and vacuum sources to release materials causing backups and blockages. The water pump and centrifugal compressor help restore normal sewer flow and collect sewage water for treatment and disposal.

Vactor Truck Benefits

  • Reduces blockages in sewer pipes
  • Limits odor complaints
  • Maintains intended flow in sewage systems
  • Protects fresh water resources

Our Services

  • Clear roots, leaves and other debris from sewage systems
  • Clean out large sewer drains for local municipalities
  • Remove sewer water after major construction projects

Contact Superior Drain to get started with our sewer line cleaning services.