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Know When to Call in the Plumbing Pros

We have all been there, something breaks in your house and you spend the weekend fixing it by watching DIY videos. Sure, you’ve managed to keep your house from falling into a pile of rubble (for the most part). You might have even used a few of Superior Drain’s handy pro tips. However, sometimes it might be necessary to ask for some help. When the problem has become too overwhelming, don’t be shy about calling the plumbing pros.

It’s easy to get in over your headnsplash

Unfortunately, most plumbing installation projects are much more difficult than reading an instruction manual, two screws and a screwdriver. Most plumbing projects require specialized knowledge about the way that pipes work, how water is being brought into your home, space requirements for appliances and numerous other things. Some projects may even be dangerous to you or damaging to your home if done incorrectly.

Dishwasher Installation

Dishwashers sure do make our lives easier, however, trying to install one can be very difficult. Dishwashers are often placed between cabinets against your wall making it very tough to place the dishwasher properly. Also, if the water supply line gets blocked off due to a kink in the hose, you might have a major problem on your hands.

Replacing Your Hot Water Heater

We want you to have hot water especially in those chilly winter months but never attempt to replace your water heater by yourself. If not done properly hot water can leak into your home leading to mold build up and even some water damage to the surrounding area. Also, connecting gas lines can be dangerous and very hard to do. Installing a water heater is not only potentially dangerous but some states even require permits to install this kind of equipment.

Re-Routing Pipes – What Could Go Wrong?

Re-routing your pipes to a new part of your house or fixing a broken pipe sounds like a very simple task but it can cause a lot of damage to your home. From routing the pipes to the wrong location to flooding your home if you do the wrong thing, you can have a huge mess on your hands. These jobs are best left to the experts (we know you can do anything… just let us help this one time.)

DIY Projects Still Have Their Place

You don’t always have to call a plumber to fix small things in your home. Doing a DIY project can save you money and help you learn a few things. However, if the project seems a little too big for you, give the expert plumbers at Superior Drainage a call. Request an appointment today to get your residential plumbing job done right!



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