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Are Bath Bombs Safe for Plumbing?

Bath bombs are all the rage right now. They are the bomb… ok, bad pun. Our sad humor aside, bath bombs are fun, colorful, smell good and can be packed with essential oils and other things to help you relax and make your skin feel great! But what exactly makes up a bath bomb, and is it safe for your plumbing? We’re glad you asked. Before you settle in for a relaxing soak with your Unicorn Double Rainbow Paradise Bath Bomb (who comes up with these names?), take a look at this article.

Got Glitter?


Bath bombs are filled with additives like glitter, flower petals, oils and butters. These additives can be great for your body, they smell awesome, can make your skin smooth and even improve your mood. There are benefits to these additives, but as the saying goes, ”it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies” (I know your bath bomb has rainbow in the name but just trust us on this one). These items will wreak havoc on your drains, causing clogs or trapping scents; you’ll wish you had just taken a shower!


Glitter is sparkly, shiny, fun and a killer. A Cold. Blooded. Killer… of drains that is. Glitter is a small but hard substance that does not biodegrade very well. Glitter can get clogged up in your drains with other objects like hair and can create major blockages that are going to cost you time or money.

Flower Petals

Flower petals, like glitter, will clog your drains. Because these flower petals are so large they will not easily go down your drain and get stuck on buildups in the drains like the glitter clog you may have started from your last bath.

Oils and Butters

Oils and butters can really be great for your body and they usually smell great! Oils and butters generally aren’t a problem, but butters can sometimes solidify and create a blockage in the same way grease can in a kitchen sink.

But I Love My Bath Bomb!

We understand, we do too. There are a few things you can do to keep your plumbing working properly and still get to enjoy your favorite way to relax. If you have a bath bomb that has additives like glitter or flower petals you can put the bath bomb in a thin sock or panty hose and use them as a strainer. In addition to this you can get a mesh stopper and put it in the drain when you empty the tub. As for butters, a rule of thumb is to make sure to run a little extra hot water down your drain so that the butters don’t solidify, and you can clear out your drains.

Be smart when using bath bombs and pay attention to what is going down your drain and you will be good to go. However, if you do have a drain that is giving you some problems give the expert plumbers at Superior Drain a call. Request an appointment today to have clog-free drains tomorrow!

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