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Pro Tip: How to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster on Thanksgiving

‘Twas the day after thanksgiving when all the calls came, ’bout the gurgle and sputter of an overworked drain. Thanksgiving is a great time to gather friends and family together, but all too often, well-meaning guests put your garbage disposal and plumbing fixtures to the test.

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are two of our busiest days of the year. We see more clogged drains, overflowed toilets and damaged garbage disposals around Thanksgiving than we do the rest of the year combined.

So, let’s talk about how to avoid becoming a Thanksgiving statistic, shall we?

Avoiding Bathroom Problems

Often, Thanksgiving guests only come to your house once a year and they might be unfamiliar with your bathroom. We recommend removing any ornamental decorations if you plan on hosting Thanksgiving because guests are likely to knock them into the toilet causing catastrophic clogging and flooding. Not to mention the embarrassment your guest will feel when they have to face the rest of the family with the news.

If a guest has a little too much gravy and clogs your toilet the old-fashioned way, check out our toilet plunger pro tip to make sure you use the right plunger for the job.


Avoiding Clogged Drains

Grease and fat are common by-products of any Thanksgiving Day feast. But they are a drain’s worst nightmare. Before washing your dishes in the sink, pour the fat and grease into a container instead down the drain.

Take steps before the holiday season to ensure your drains work properly by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Read our pro tip about how to avoid clogged drains to prepare.

Avoiding a Broken Garbage Disposal

We’ve written about proper garbage disposal care extensively, and the holidays are not the time to slack. Remember – your garbage disposal is not a trash can. You shouldn’t put non-food items, bones, fibrous foods or peels into your disposal. Ever.

Try putting some ice cubes down the drain and running the garbage disposal. This will sharpen the blades to get them ready for the holiday season.

Follow these easy tips and you’re sure to have a successful Thanksgiving party (even if your mother-in-law is still the worst). If you do have a holiday plumbing disaster or need a quick fix before the big day, request an appointment with the experts at Superior Drainage.

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