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Don’t Flush That!

We have all been there, you just finished wiping down your sink with a wet wipe and the toilet is right there. You think, “Hey this will help the environment! I’ll just flush it away and it will disintegrate.” Wrong. Your mom warned you that certain things should never be flushed down the toilet, but you probably ignored her and now you’re paying the price. So instead of running home with your tail between your legs (to use the toilet because yours is clogged), check out this list of items that should NEVER be flushed.


Your toilet is NOT a trash can

Products such as cleaning supplies, hair, cat litter and feminine hygiene products are for the actual trash can, not the toilet, and can cause a lot of problems for your plumbing.

Tissues, Paper Towels, Wet Wipes

You would think that items like tissues, paper towels and wet wipes would have no problems going down the drain. I mean toilet paper can, right? Unfortunately, these items do not biodegrade nearly as fast as toilet paper and have been known to cause some major blockage in your drains.


Hair is the silent killer of drains, in the same way that hair can clog up your bathtub or sink drain it can be deadly for your toilet as well. Hair is known to clump together, these clumps trap odor and create blocks in your pipes or even the sewers. To be safe, throw your hair in the garbage after you cut or brush it.

Cat Litter

Cat litter inherently is designed to be absorbent and will form into clumps as it absorbs water. This is great if you have a cat, but unfortunately your toilet isn’t named Fluffy. Deposit your cat litter in the trash or even a compost pile for proper disposal.

Feminine Hygiene Products

You’ve seen the signs everywhere saying, “Do not flush feminine hygiene products” and for good reason. These items get clogged very easily as they are absorbent. Dispose of these products properly in the trash and you will be good to go.


It is amazing how something so tiny and so helpful can cause major problems for your drains. Floss is a fine material just like hair and when thrown into the toilet it can get balled up and cause a clog. Floss is also very durable and not biodegradable making it a deadly item for your pipes. Make sure to throw your floss in the trash or compost to properly dispose of it.

As a rule of thumb if it doesn’t say toilet in the name… don’t flush it. However, we get it, life does happen, rushing off to work, kids (this one word could probably describe most broken items in your home) and numerous other scenarios. If you do have a drain that is giving you some problems, give the expert plumbers at Superior Drain a call and schedule an appointment today.

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