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Extend the Life of your Dishwasher


On the list of most convenient appliances, your dishwasher has to be near the top. Just think about all the time you save simply tossing dirty dishes in the dishwasher and pressing a button to clean them.

While dishwashers are built to last, they are very expensive to repair and replace. And – in the time between your dishwasher breaking and installing a new one, you’ll have to wash your dishes by hand!

Follow these easy tips to extend the life of your dishwasher.

Run hot water from the tab before starting the dishwasher

Running your kitchen sink until the water is too hot to touch will ensure your first dishwasher cycle will use hot water instead of cold. This is especially important in the winter because it takes hot water longer to heat up.

Vinegar is a dishwasher’s best friend

Did you know that white vinegar can be your greatest ally in the fight against foggy glasses and dirty dishwashers? Try adding vinegar to your rinse reservoir instead of other commercial rinse-aids for spot-free glassware every time.

You can also keep your dishwasher in top condition by running it with a cup full of white vinegar on the top rack once a month. This will remove all the leftover food particles and soap scum leaving your appliance looking and running like new. If the white vinegar doesn’t clear everything up, be sure to hand-scrub the creases and rubber seals to eliminate foul odors and buildup.

Scrape your dishes

This doesn’t mean you have to clean your dishes before you clean your dishes—so to speak. But your dishwasher isn’t meant to handle large chunks of food. In fact, those large food chunks are usually the culprit when your drain is clogged. While scraping large food particles from your dishes may seem like extra work at first, it will save you a ton of time and money for repairs in the future.

Purchase a Repair Kit

Exposed metal and damaged dish racks can cause rust buildup and stains on both your dishes and your dishwasher’s interior. Your local hardware store likely sells a repair kit that has just what you need to quickly mend common dishwasher ailments.

Check Dishwasher Connections

Your dishwasher water supply and drain are both subject to dry rot and weak spots that can cause you a world of trouble if left unnoticed. Protect your home against floods and leaks by regularly checking your dishwasher’s external connections.

Can’t figure out why your dishwasher isn’t working properly? Request an appointment with the professional plumbers at Superior Drain today, so you can get back to kitchen convenience. 

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