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Trained Plumbers for Gas Line Repair & Leak Testing


When it comes to plumbing, leaks of any kind are a problem. Any plumber will tell you that a leak–no matter how insignificant it may seem–is not to be ignored.

But did you know that many plumbers are not only experts at water leaks, but are also certified to check for and repair gas line leaks? Both LP gas (propane or bottled gas) and natural gas lines (piped in gas from your utility company) can leak. Generally, leaks occur when there is an old or improper fitting at the valve, but can occur anywhere along the line.

If you think you have a gas leak, there are a couple of quick tests you can do on your own:

  • Visual test: Gas leaks usually leave a black stain on fittings or valves. These stains can indicate a chronic leak problem.
  • Odor test: The gas piped into your home is actually odorless, but gas companies add a harmless but pungent-smelling gas called mercaptan or methanethiol to the line so leaks can be detected. If you smell gas, you most likely have a leak.
  • Soap bubble test: Brush liquid soap onto the area you suspect has a leak. If it bubbles, it means air or gas is being released and you have a leak.

Sometimes you can suspect a gas leak and still not be sure how big it is, or where the source of the leak is, and these at-home tests are limited in their overall efficiency. For example, the soap bubble test sometimes won’t work on large leaks (it’ll be blown away completely), nor can it really help you if the leak is “around the corner” or on an area of the pipe you can’t see.

Your plumber should have the proper equipment for both gas leak testing and gas line repairs. It is important to have these leaks repaired immediately, since they can increase your gas bill (at the very least) or put you at risk for harmful exposure.

Please do not attempt to fix gas leaks on your own. Even the most seasoned DIYers can miss important steps in detection and repair that could lead to serious personal safety and property damage issues. If you are in the Northeast Ohio area, request an appointment if you suspect a gas leak. Our experts are on call 24/7 to help keep you, your family and your property safe.

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