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Help – I don’t have hot water!


We’ve all been there before. You wake up in the morning and turn on the shower. After a few minutes of waiting for the water to heat up, you hop in only to find the water is still cold. You wait a few more minutes but still no hot water.

Before you blame your spouse for using up all the hot water, check to make sure your hot water heater is working properly.

Check your pilot light

The most common reason for not having hot water is a burnt out pilot light. Hot water heaters use the pilot light to ignite the gas burner when it comes time to heat your water.

The pilot light is located near the bottom of your hot water tank. Occasionally wind can come down the flue and blow out the pilot light. If that’s the case, follow these easy steps to reignite your pilot light.

  • Turn the gas regulator valve to ‘off’ and remove any covers blocking access to the pilot burner
  • After three minutes turn the valve to ‘pilot’
  • If your water heater has an automatic igniter, hold down the button on your gas valve and press the button labeled ‘ignition’ to light the pilot.
  • If your water heater requires manual lighting, apply a long-necked, grill lighter flame to the pilot burner while holding down the button on the gas regulator valve
  • After the pilot is lit, hold down the gas regulator valve for another minute.
  • Release the button and turn the knob to ‘on’ and replace the covers

If this process doesn’t work, there might be a clog preventing the pilot from lighting or your thermocouple may be malfunctioning. The experts at Superior Drain can fix both these common hot water tank problems.

Check Your Thermostat

No, not the thermostat the controls your home’s interior temperature—the one responsible for your hot water’s temperature. If your pilot light is lit and your thermostat is set to your preferred temperature, the thermostat could be broken.

If you think your thermostat is the problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. Superior Drain can fix or replace your thermostat to ensure you can take a hot shower again in no time.

Make Sure You Don’t Have a Gas Leak

Your hot water heater might not be working due to a gas leak along your line. If you notice a smell similar to rotten eggs or sulfur call 911 immediately and head to a safe location. 

If your Northeast Ohio home doesn’t have hot water or you suspect one of the above issues but don’t feel comfortable handling it on your own, we’re happy to help! Call Superior Drain at 330-733-3711 or contact us to schedule an appointment for a hot water tank repair.

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