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When Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet?

It’s not you, it’s me. Well actually, that’s a lie. It’s you, toilet. Breaking up with your commode isn’t easy, but often times it’s necessary.

You’re probably thinking ‘aren’t toilets supposed to last for a long time? Aren’t new toilets expensive? Can’t I just replace some parts and be ok?’

Maybe. But sometimes the benefits of a new toilet far outweigh the cost of keeping your old one.

Here’s what we mean.

Does your toilet’s first flush pre-date 1994?

If so, you need a new toilet. No questions asked. The National Institute of Toilet Flushing (otherwise known as the federal government) enacted guidelines in 1994 that require each flush to use no more than 1.6 gallons of water.

Compare that to the typical 5-gallon flush prior to 1994, and the water savings really start to flow. And the money you save on your water bill will pay for your new toilet in no time. Don’t worry–less water doesn’t mean less flushing power these days.

Not to mention, that avocado green shell-top lid toilet in your bathroom might have looked groovy in 1976, but it looks ridiculous today. Replace it with a modern-looking toilet.


How often do you use your plunger?

An occasional clogged toilet is normal (we all indulge in a second burrito occasionally). One clog per week and it’s probably not your diet.

Over time, parts wear down and break. Constant clogging can be remedied with new parts, but old toilets are typically too far gone. A new toilet will give you and your plunger a break.

Do you notice cracks or leaks around your toilet?

Most toilets develop hairline cracks overtime. These can quickly expand and result is a leaky toilet and water damage to your bathroom floor.

Leaks and cracks are repairable in some cases, but sometimes it’s more cost effective to replace your cracked toilet.

Do it yourself or have a plumber install your new toilet?

Appliances from big box stores are often more expensive and lower quality than ones purchased from a plumber. Plumbing-savvy weekend warriors can often install a new toilet on their own, but our experienced plumbers can do it quickly and get you a great deal on your new toilet.

Schedule an appointment today if it’s time to break up with your old toilet.

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