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Pro-Tip: Preventing Frozen Pipes

nsplash Northeast Ohio winters can be brutal, with temperatures dropping well below freezing for months at a time. Not only does this mean bundling up and taking personal precautions against the cold, it also means that your home may be in need of precautions as well, especially with the water pipes.

Most interior pipes aren’t in danger of freezing, but pipes exposed to the outdoors, or in uninsulated spaces like attics or crawl spaces are more susceptible to freezing. Frozen pipes can crack or burst, which means a big mess and expense come spring when things thaw.

Here are our best tips for preventing frozen pipes on your property this winter:

  • ALWAYS disconnect your outdoor garden hose from the spigot during the winter. Water that hasn’t drained from the hose can freeze right into the pipe. If there is an interior shut off valve to the spigot, make sure to turn it to off, and install a spigot insulator. This quick bit of maintenance is easy, inexpensive and saves you tons of headache and work in the future.

  • Insulate your pipes. Usually, inexpensive foam pipe insulation will do the trick to keep pipes from freezing. For colder climates, a thermostatically controlled heat tape will do the trick. This option is a little more pricey initially, but far less expensive than repairing a burst pipe.

  • In very cold temperatures, allow the water to trickle from your faucet. Even a slow drip will help to prevent freezing, and the cost to take this step is pennies compared to a costly pipe fix.

  • Keep garage doors and windows closed in uninsulated spaces, and always keep the home at least 55 degrees.

  • If you suspect a frozen pipe (no water or only a trickle of water is an indication of a frozen pipe), first keep the faucet open. Even a tiny trickle can help to thaw the pipe. Then, carefully apply low heat via a portable heating pad, hand held hair dryer or small electric space heater to the section of the pipe you expect is frozen until water pressure is restore. NEVER use high heat for this task, like a blowtorch, kerosene heater or other open flame.

Of course, for frozen or burst pipe issues you are always welcome to contact the Superior Drainage experts for assistance!

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