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Pro-Tip: Septic System Maintenance


Believe it or not, septic systems are highly efficient and well-balanced systems used to treat underground wastewater. In fact, they perform the function of a large wastewater facility on a smaller scale. Since they are self-contained, however, they do require a little more intentional care to keep them balanced and avoid costly backups.

Here’s how to keep your septic tank in tip top shape, extend its life and avoid backups:

  • Water conservation is key in maintaining a septic system. Too much water can upset the balance in the system, or even cause backups. Use low flow fixtures in your home, and watch key places of water waste like running the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Be careful what you flush and drain. Anything other than bodily waste and high quality toilet paper that breaks up easily can clog or upset your septic system, so don’t flush or dump things like coffee grounds, paper towels or fats into your system.
  • Dispose of chemicals properly. Using regular household cleaners on your sinks and toilets is fine for your septic system, but chemicals from bigger projects around the house are a no-no. For example, the water used to clean paint brushes can upset the balance in your system, so try cleaning outside or in a bucket that you can dump elsewhere instead.

Overall, try to treat your system as gently as your lifestyle allows. With good care, septic systems can function properly and without incident for many, many years.

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