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Use a Shop Vac to Unclog Your Drain


You know that feeling when you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands and the sink is almost full of water by the end? It’s not a good feeling. And the slow drainage leaves behind filth in your sink basin.

You can purchase expensive chemical products to pour down the drain and unclog it. But why do that when you likely have a free and more effective solution stowed away in your closet?

Do you own a wet/dry shop vacuum? If so, you have one of the most effective unclogging mechanisms at your fingertips. When used in conjunction, the exhaust and suction functions work like a plunger with added force.

Read on to learn how to unclog your drain with a shop vac.

The Process

  1. Remove your drain stopper and insert the end of the vacuum hose into the drain. Try to make the seal airtight if possible.
  2. Set the vacuum to exhaust and turn it on. You will hear a high pitch hum at first, but you will notice a distinct change in sound once the drain unclogs.
  3. If there is no change in sound after 15 seconds, switch to suction then back to exhaust to mimic a powerful plunger. The added force will unclog your drain and the suction should catch the debris.
  4. Clean up the mess (there’s always potential for gunk blowback so have a few towels ready) and enjoy your unclogged sink.

If the shop vacuum can’t unclog your drain, you might have a more serious problem. Request an appointment with an expert plumber at Superior Drain so we can find the source of the clog and fix it. We are fully equipped for any sewer or drain problem. Whether it’s an interior or exterior issue, our experienced experts can help fix your clogged drain can help.

If you are experiencing any type of sewer or drain problem in the Akron, Ohio area, Superior Drainage will be able to help fix the problem.

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Have an emergency? Call Superior Drain at 330-733-3711 or schedule an appointment for drain cleaning services today. We offer 24-hour service in the Akron area, so our professional plumbers are available when you need us!


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