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Lateral Sewer Lines Explained

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Numerous critical yet unseen systems keep your home running smoothly without a second thought from you. Among these systems, the lateral sewer line tops the list of importance.

This crucial piece of infrastructure is vital for managing waste, yet most homeowners don’t even know it exists. Let’s shed some light on this hard-working component to explain why it’s so important for a clean, well-functioning home.

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What Is a Lateral Sewer Line?

A lateral sewer line is the pipe that links your home to the municipal sewer system. It’s located underground, spanning the distance from the municipal sewer line to the entry point in your home’s foundation.

This is the pipe through which all household wastewater flows on its way to the sewage treatment plant. Keeping your home healthy and sanitary would be tough without this pipe.

About Lateral Sewer Lines

Here are some quick facts about lateral sewer lines to give you a clearer picture of what this plumbing component entails:

  • Many names: Plumbers refer to the lateral sewer line by several names, including the main drain, the sewer pipe, and the main sewer line.
  • Material makeup: Newer sewer lines are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material praised for its durability and corrosion resistance, while older pipes might be cast iron or clay.
  • Life span and problems: There’s a good reason PVC has replaced older materials. Cast iron is notorious for rusting and clogging, while clay pipes are fragile and vulnerable to root intrusion.
  • Size and depth: Most homes have a 4-inch main, and the line is usually buried about 12 inches below the water line, though this can vary.
  • Maintenance: Plumbing professionals recommend having your lateral sewer line inspected and cleaned every two years to prevent issues.
  • Insurance coverage: Homeowner’s insurance often covers damages to your lateral sewer line, but you may need to add it manually. Check your policy and consider adding this coverage to avoid financial losses in case of a sewer backup.
  • Right of way: The right of way defines who is liable for lateral sewer repairs depending on where an issue occurs. In most cases, the city’s right of way begins at the street or sidewalk, meaning property owners must maintain plumbing up to this boundary, even if it extends beyond their property line.
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Lateral Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Owning a home comes with unique challenges, and sewer line issues are among the more daunting ones. Common pain points include tree root intrusion, aging infrastructure leading to backups or leaks, and the sheer expense of repairs or replacements.

These issues can disrupt daily life, pose health risks, and create financial burdens. Watch for early signs of trouble, like multiple drain clogs, gurgling sounds, and sewage odors in your home. Then, seek professional help before minor problems escalate into major disruptions.

Schedule Lateral Sewer Line Services With Superior Drainage

Superior Drainage has provided top-notch lateral sewer line services since 1996. Our commitment to upfront pricing, comprehensive plumbing solutions, and OSHA-certified practices give you peace of mind when you choose us for the job.

We know sewer line problems are inconvenient and potential health hazards, so we offer flexible scheduling and a full range of services to address your needs.

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