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Shower Head Dripping?

Dripping Shower HeadYou turn off your shower and you still hear it dripping long after you’ve started your day. It may be a fast drip or a slow drip, but you are pretty sure that your shower head has seen better days…and now it’s costing you money, one drop at a time.

You may think that you need to run to your nearest hardware store and purchase a new shower head. After all, the current one is covered in build-up and hasn’t sprayed well in ages. While you may want to replace a shower head that is old and corroded, a dripping shower head often times has nothing to do with the shower head itself.

To stop a dripping shower head or tub faucet, you actually need to go back to the source: the valve or faucet. Properly working valves, faucets or handles do not leak. Worn washers or cartridges cause leaky shower heads or faucets because they allow water to seep through.

Fortunately, fixing that pesky leak is one of the easier DIY household tasks. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, turn off the water leading to your faucet.
  • Then, remove the cap or handle to inspect the cartridge or washer.
  • Remove and replace old cartridges or washers. (Not sure what type of washer or cartridge you need to replace? Take the old one into the hardware store and an associate should be able to help find the right one.)
  • Turn the water back on.
  • Enjoy your leak-free shower head.

If you go through the steps above and still have a leak, you may have a bigger plumbing problem on hand. Fortunately, our friendly experts are on call to help you get it fixed right away and avoid bigger issues and water bills. Request an appointment today!

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