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Home Inspection Plumbing Tips: What Should You Look for?

Home for saleSo you found your Akron, Ohio dream home. It’s in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect school district, and it includes all the amenities you had on your wish list.

But before you close on the house, you need to do your due diligence. Sometimes it’s easy to fall in love with a home and ignore the fact that there could be potentially costly problems hiding just below the surface. Having the house professionally inspected prior to closing can prevent future costs and headaches.

Keep these things in mind when inspecting your future home.

Check the water meter & shut off valve

The water meter is likely located under the kitchen sink if a home has well water or on the house’s exterior if it has city water. You should ensure that the meter functions properly and the shut off valve does what it is supposed to.

Make sure none of the faucets dispense water after the shut off valve is triggered. Then, turn the water back on and verify the faucets begin dispensing water again.

Inspect the pipes

From simple leaks to full-scale clogging, water pipes can be expensive to repair or replace and cause serious damage if left unchecked. Easily find pipe leaks by identifying dampness on or around water pipes. Also, be sure to look for pipe residue or corrosion as these can be signs of larger problems.

Once you’re sure the pipes are in working order, check what material they are made of. Older homes often have lead pipes that can cause lead poisoning if they’re not properly treated for corrosion resistance. Your best bet is to replace lead pipes with more modern steel or copper pipes to ensure your family’s safety.

Check the hot water heater

Be sure the tank is large enough to hold hot water for your entire family. Typically, a four-person family needs a 40-gallon tank to live comfortably. Then, look for apparent floor damage from water leaks around the heater. If water damage is present, you should ask the current owner to replace both the hot water tank and the surrounding floor.

Next, check the tank’s interior for mineral deposits and the connector’s for corrosion. Both could spell costly repairs.

Check the soil around the septic tank

If your dream home has a septic tank, check the soil around it for seepage and odors. It will only take about five minutes and can save you thousands of dollars on septic tank replacement and a really gross cleanup.

Ask the current owner when the septic tank was last serviced and emptied, how large the tank is and how it is connected. All these factors play a role in whether or not the septic tank is going to stand up to your family’s demands. 

 A lot goes into buying your dream home. But if the above plumbing fixtures pass your inspection, you’re in a very good place.

Remember—if you ever need help understanding your home inspection or want a hand doing it yourself, the experts at Superior Drain are only a call away. 

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