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Pro Tip: How to Fix a Broken Pipe with Plumber’s Tape

It’s the middle of a snow storm and one of your pipes just broke. Now you won’t be able to take that steaming hot shower to warm up after an hour of shoveling snow. Sounds awful right? If a situation like this happened to you and your family, what would you do? You could call a Superior Drainage plumber to get the job fixed by a pro but what if that snow storm is just too bad? Plumbers tape is the answer!

So, what is plumber’s tape anyways?

Plumbers tape is a broad term that is used to describe two different items used in plumbing. One is called Teflon tape which is used to seal threaded joints of a pipe and the other is a strapping material with holes in it to keep hanging pipes in place.

Teflon Tape


Teflon tape is probably your first thought when someone says, “plumber’s tape”. This version of plumber’s tape is very powerful and may help you if you are in a bind. The tape literally looks like a normal tape that you would use to hang your Def Leppard poster in college (us too) but it is made of a polytetrafluoroethylene which is waterproof and durable in almost all temperatures. These attributes make Teflon tape perfect for creating a strong seal between two pipes.

Strapping tape

Plumber’s tape that is used for strapping and hanging pipes is very useful in a lot of different situations. The “tape” can be made from several different materials like plastic, copper or other metals. The variety of material in which the plumber’s tape can be made from makes it perfect for any application. The tape also consists of holes making it easy to attach the tape into a loop with a bolt and secure a loose pipe with it.

How to apply Teflon tape

So, you must be thinking by now, “Teflon tape sounds pretty cool, but how do I apply it?” Fortunately, it is a very easy application. First you must find the threads and more importantly the direction of the threading. When using Teflon tape, it is important to apply the tape with the thread so that it will not unwind when threading the pipe in. Once you have figured out which way you need to thread the tape you can begin. First you will apply the tape to the thread and begin to pull it taught as you wrap it around the pipe. Keep wrapping around until you reach the desired thickness and then pull hard and the tape will snap off and you are done! Now your pipes will have a strong seal and you can hop in a hot shower again.

Have a really “sticky” situation?

Applying plumber’s tape can be a quick fix for those easy plumbing problems that crop up from time to time. However, if your plumbing problem is a much “stickier” (pun completely intended) situation give the expert plumbers at Superior Drainage a call. Request an appointment today to have your pipes fixed soon!


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