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World Water Day 2018

It’s not evident in Northeast Ohio, but the world is in the midst of a water crisis. From California to Africa, billions of people lack access to the clean water they need. And our natural water sources are being polluted or depleted at unprecedented levels.

Ok – now that we have your attention, World Water Day is March 22 and we all need to try to conserve more water. World Water Day’s mission is to raise awareness of both the worldwide water crisis and ways we can save water and reverse the trend.

learn how to conserve water for world water day

How to Save Water

There are a lot of things you can do to save water that won’t have a major effect on how you live your life. Whether you’re inside or outside your home, water saving is easy. Just follow these simple tips.

Saving Water Inside the House

Saving water around the house isn’t hard, you just have to be aware. Simple things like turning off the sink while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers go a long way toward water conservation. You can also install water saving plumbing fixtures that will both save you money and conserve water. No Janice – a water saving shower head won’t stick you with annoyingly low water pressure. 2008 is over.

Fixing water leaks can also go a long way toward saving water. Go ahead and take care of that dripping faucet, repair that running toilet and mend your leaky pipes. Not only will these actions save you money and give you a sense of accomplishment, they’ll also help stave off the water crisis.

Saving Water Outside the House

Conservation doesn’t stop when you walk outside. Irrigation systems are one of the worst water-wasting culprits. We’re not saying you shouldn’t water your lawn, but there are a few things you can do to have lush, green grass and save water.

  • Adjust sprinklers so they don’t water the street
  • Don’t water on rainy days
  • Don’t water more than three times per week (even in droughts)

Other things like using a bucket instead of a hose when you wash your car and using a broom instead of a hose the clean your sidewalk and driveway help save water and have a minimal impact on your lifestyle.

No one person can end the water crisis on their own, but if everyone made a few small changes to the way they use water – we can ensure everyone has access to enough clean water to survive. Make sure your plumbing is set up to help conserve water by requesting an appointment with Superior Drainage today.

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